Real Time Traffic Anomaly Detection

Detect traffic incidents in real-time


Real-Time Traffic Anomaly allows you to pinpoint unusual traffic patterns, which can be repurposed to monitor key metrics, fraudulent activity, or system breakage.

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traffic anomaly detection

Easily Analyze Traffic & Receive Alerts 

You can easily operate within our RTTA dashboard, which provides clear visualizations of your traffic. Another useful feature is Alerts,  set alerts for suspicious traffic so you can be notified immediately in order to prevent further damage. 

By uncovering blind spots in your traffic you will have the ability to troubleshoot (dns configurations) and access valuable information of your traffic in real time. 
With Real traffic anomaly detection you will be able to put out the fire before it erupts. Now you will have the power to mitigate the damage before it is too late.

With RTTA you will be able to combat:
1. DDoS attacks, before these attacks, you will see a high level of queries.
2. Malicious spam attacks which increase MX and TXT record lookups
3. Internal systems are often configured incorrectly, this results in millions more or less queries than expected
4. Server issues, If a system is down and no longer responds to clients requests there are query anomalies detected within your internal domains

Machine Learning within RTTA

We utilize machine learning to the maximum extent using the Fourier Arima model, ML will dynamically select the best model out of a range of models that represent your data. Since the algorithm is constantly analyzing, it understands how to predict your traffic. This allows it to know when there are suspicious spikes, and it will automatically send out notifications to you and your team.

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