Network Resiliency

Your Disaster Recovery Strategy


Failure is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be a catastrophe.

If you are proactive and have the right strategies configured for your domains, you can withstand a data center outage, regional outage, or even a DNS provider outage.

Constellix offers multiple solutions that you can configure ahead of time to ensure high resource availability even during a disaster, such as DNS Failover , Load balancing , and Secondary DNS .

You can use our load balancing solutions to manage traffic flow across your redundant services. If one resource is unavailable, a backup will immediately take over the traffic load until the primary is available again.

Our network resiliency solutions are powered by our health and latency monitoring checks. As soon as health or performance decreases, we will update your record configurations to point to the healthiest resource. These updates can happen as soon as a fraction of a second after performance degradation is detected.

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network resiliency solutions

Why Network Resiliency?

Bulletproof Network

Since our network operates independently of your on-site resources, we are more reliable than any on-premises load balancer.
Our multi-tiered network was designed for optimal resiliency and availability, built by the engineers responsible for DNS Made Easy’s 14-year 100% uptime history.

Faster Failover

Our health checks can detect outages and performance changes within a fraction of a second. These metrics are used to instantly update your failover and load balancing configurations so fast that you’ll experience zero propagation delays during failover events.

Custom Logic

You decide what happens when a failover event occurs. When to “fail back”, or to continue down the list of available IP’s, or keep trying the original IP until it comes back online.

Customize health checks to expect different response codes, response timeout duration, and so much more.

Easy to Set Up

Get up and running in just a few steps: create health checks, apply them to your Failover record or load balancing record pool.

Network Resiliency Services


Failover is a DNS record setting that allows you to specify backup IP addresses or hostnames that are only used when the primary IP/hostname is unavailable. It is considered to be the most affordable type of DNS load balancing.

Use Failover to add redundancy to your mission-critical services, such as mail or VoIP systems.

Constellix supports Failover for A, AAAA, ANAME, and CNAME records.DNS Failover is natively integrated with almost all of our services such as:
✓ GeoProximity
✓ Global Load Balancing
✓ Traffic Steering
✓ Round robin
✓ Latency load balancing

Load Balancing

Our load balancing services range from basic Round Robin with Failover to latency-based routing. All of these services are fueled by our monitoring service and use health and latency metrics to update your DNS configurations.

Use Cases: Modern applications rely on many dependencies, like microservices. You can use load balancing with health monitoring to make sure only the available microservices are being used in your configurations.

Secondary DNS
You would never let your business operate upon a single point of failure. So why are you still using only one DNS provider?

It is easier than ever to use multiple DNS providers. Constellix offers integrations with three of the top cloud-based DNS providers so you only have to use one control panel to manage your domains.

The integration handles all the updates for you, so when you update your primary provider, we’ll automatically update your secondary provider for you.

If one of your providers in unavailable, the healthy provider will seamlessly take over the traffic load with no appreciable effects to your end-users.

Need help deciding?

Let one of our sales specialists help. Tell us what you want to accomplish with Traffic Steering and we will work together to find a solution for you.

If you want to learn more about how our Traffic Steering services work, or how to set it up yourself schedule a demo .

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