Using analytics to add speed and redundancy to your website

Constellix is a revolutionary Cloud-based Traffic Management Suite
created by the engineers of the most trusted services in the world.

One Powerful Tool for Managing Complex Networks

simplify network monitoring and troubleshooting

This revolutionary traffic management solution was designed by taking the thoughts and vision of the same administrators that created DNS Made Easy. The DNS Made Easy system administrators worked directly with our internal R&D software development team to develop customized DNS software to provide an in-depth analysis of your network's performance and pinpoint areas of improvement. Constellix fully incorporates all aspects of monitoring, reporting, provisioning, team collaboration, security audits, and traffic management for cloud-based and Internet delivered services.

Constellix Sonar

Constellix Sonar is the first part of traffic management suite of services designed to ensure powerful web performance in an easy to understand, actionable dashboard.

Through the use of this one platform, users are given the power to not only evaluate the speed and efficiency of their website, but also the abilities to diagnose and fix issues in one seamless measure for maximum productivity.
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Constellix Sonar Dashboard

Constellix DNS

Constellix DNS is the second piece of the traffic management suite designed to provide the most accurate and precise level of DNS configurations in the world. It breaks the boundaries of normal DNS with the most advanced DNS solution of its kind written to meet the performance and feature demands of today and beyond.

Built in-house, our unique name servers offer many advanced DNS configurations that are not found among any other service of its kind. Learn more about Constellix DNS

DNS Analytics Dashboard

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