What is Constellix?

Constellix is designed and engineered by industry-expert cloud architects who specialize in Internet performance. This revolutionary cloud-based traffic management suite can be configured to adapt to your organization’s growth and internal performance goals.

Designed in-house by the same engineers that created DNS Made Easy, Constellix delivers a workable solution to Internet challenges and performance monitoring. The program uses proprietary algorithms to build an internal intelligence map of your services, yielding exact results.

Constellix’s traffic management suite fully incorporates all aspects of monitoring, reporting, provisioning, team collaboration, security audits, and traffic management for cloud-based and Internet delivered services. These services deliver an easy-to-use and cost effective tool for your company or organization. It will decrease your costs, allow your hard working staff to focus on other tasks, and increase your profits.

Powered by the Sonar Intelligence engine, no other solution in the world provides as much feedback, reporting, issue resolution, and has as accurate a view of your end user’s perspective of your web services. Constellix provides true Internet Performance Intelligence and Optimization. Read more

Our Network Map

  • New York, NY US
  • Atlanta, GA US
  • San Francisco, CA US
  • Chicago, IL US
  • Dallas, TX US
  • Seattle, WA US
  • Reston, VA US
  • Los Angeles, CA US
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Vienna, AT
  • London, UK
  • Tokyo, JP
  • Tokyo, JP
  • Chennai, IN
  • Sydney, AU
  • Adelaide, AU

Constellix Intelligence Features

Web Check

Web checks allow the system administrator to configure probes on HTTP or HTTPS protocols which a customizable monitoring window ranging from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.

Shift Aware Notification

Shift-aware notifications allow you to specify shift hours for contacts on your Constellix Sonar account to receive monitoring notifications only when they are on duty.

Region Specific Monitory

Region Specific Monitoring allows administrators to specify certain regional locations to verify connectivity from. Different monitoring criteria can be defined for different regions.

Scheduled Downtime

Each monitoring configuration has built in functionality to schedule known DOWN events for the monitored host. This allows administrators to filter out expected monitoring notifications.

DDoS Protection/Alerting

Provides an internal reporting methodology to immediately block abusive hosts that are designed to harm and cause damage to the Constellix network of servers.

Global Traffic Director (GTD)

Ability to specify unique zone configurations on particular regions of the world providing the highest level of accuracy for custom DNS answers.

Real Time Stats & Queries

By using complex logic to learn your traffic patterns, Constellix DNS can alert you on unusual traffic patterns and provide real time query logging for your administrators to view.

GeoIP Services

The ability to match specific queries to an IP / City lookup service providing you with the highest level of granularity and power in the world today.

Weighted Round Robin

Allow users to specify unequal weights of their round robin A, AAA and CNAME records with Constellix DNS Pools.

Unleash the Power of Constellix. Experience a New Class of Monitoring.

Powerful Web Based Control Panel

  • Easy domain importing functionality
  • Full audit log
  • Archived changes
  • Ability to roll back to previous domain state
  • Full site failover
  • Custom business rules and workflow can be created to match the complexities of your business
  • Multi-User support (coming soon)
  • Mobile App (coming soon)
  • Rest API (coming soon)
  • Integration with Constellix Sonar (coming soon)