Traffic Steering

Built for Today’s Distributed Applications


Our Traffic Steering solution combines our most requested features into a fully automated load balancing service that intelligently routes your users to the fastest resources in your network based on real-time Internet conditions.

We use
real-user metrics gathered from your website or our RUM community to paint a truly real-time map of the current state of the Internet.

This data is more accurate than latency monitoring alone because it accounts for latencies across thousands of ISP’s and networks using last-mile monitoring technology.

You can use our Traffic Steering solution to optimize user experience depending on each user's network, device, or connection type (Wi-Fi, LAN, etc.).

The Future of Multi-CDN

Traffic Steering is paving the way for the next generation of multi-CDN strategies. No more complicated configurations or costly hardware. Just plug in your CDN providers' API keys, install the RUM script on your site, and we’ll do the rest.

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Why Traffic Steering?

True User Metrics

Real-User Monitoring (RUM) captures response times from actual users’ browsers, whereas synthetic monitoring uses metrics gathered by resolvers in data centers.

This holistic approach gives you access to the “last mile” of monitoring: the thousands of networks and ISP’s between the data centers and your users’ browser.

Easy to Install

No startup costs, code, or hardware required. Just copy and paste the RUM script in your site to initiate RUM, and we’ll start capturing user metrics immediately.

We’ll do the rest. You can read more about how Traffic Steering works on our help site .

Crowd Sourced

Traffic Steering is powered by our RUM community: the combined effort of every website that has our RUM beacon installed on it. All of this data makes it easy for you to test network performance for almost any use case.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Traffic Steering at the DNS level is significantly more affordable than hardware load balancers and third-party solutions. You only have to rely on one provider, one contract, and no extra lookups to a third-party service.

Predictive Routing

Constellix is the only provider to offer predictive traffic steering, which uses proprietary algorithms to anticipate which network or cloud service will be the fastest for each user.

Bring Your Own Data

Don't want to use our RUM data? No problem. You can inject your own metrics into our Traffic Steering service. Just upload a JSON file with your metrics and setup API calls for our IP Filter service. It's that easy.

Fully Automated

Unlike our other solutions, you need a minimal understanding of how our services work or how to configure them. Traffic Steering is configured automatically in the background. All you need is:
✓ Each CDN providers' API key and secret key
✓ Preconfigure your CDN settings with each providers' SSL certificate information
✓ Your origin URL
✓ Ability to add a script to your website

Our Traffic Steering solution will automatically provision monitoring checks for each of your CDN providers in five different regions. It will also create ITO load balancing pools that are integrated with your monitoring checks, so users will be routed to the best performing CDN provider in their region.

Follow along with our step by step tutorial on our help site.
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Let one of our sales specialists help. Tell us what you want to accomplish with Traffic Steering and we will work together to find a solution for you. If you want to learn more about how our Traffic Steering services work, or how to set it up yourself schedule a demo

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